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Life and career coach Ireland Cork
Silvia Szépe Life coach and mentor


An economist and marketer turned into an internationally certified coach and mentor.


I am a marketer by heart, a coach by life mission in the other half, and an artistic painter by passion.
That journey should have been entirely different because marketing, numbers, and a creative environment were my world in dynamic, beloved Prague. But...


It all began with a mid-life crisis that everyone talks about quietly or not at all. It started slowly in 2018 when work, life, and fun stopped having a deeper meaning, and I had to ask myself:


“And what about you, girl, what do you want to do next with your life?”


Silence. Usually full of ideas, now I was speechless. The answers didn’t come for years.


I went grey….instead.

Instead of looking inside myself, I was changing agencies in the vain hope that they would give me an answer.

Silly, wasn’t it? 


What do I really want, how do I want to live, what am I good at over the years?


I had to realize it, admit it, start building my own life, and stay true to my own values. I believe a midlife crisis is one of the best things to happen to us. The bad news is that no one can avoid it; it is a natural part of development, like puberty. It’s just less funny…


The good thing is that we can do great things when we understand it. We become ourselves. To understand this, I had to leave everything comfortable in Prague and leave with one suitcase for rural Ireland at 44. Looking for peace and myself. To step out of the comfort zone, to become invisible, an immigrant for domestics with a precisely defined social group to which immigrants belong.


No, being an ex-pat is not a bed of roses. For the society you’re in, you’re still an Outlander. Immigrant. With a lot of biases, judgements, and discriminations, you have to deal with them at some stage daily. 

Not to lose yourself. Be still aware of who you are and where you are going. Speak up for yourself even more loudly and boldly. Be extremely feisty; otherwise, you will stay in the corner, unseen and unheard.


And there, in the middle of nowhere, after months of walking along the Atlantic and wild nature, it all started to fit together, and the answers started coming.


It seemed simple, but it wasn’t easy.


Just use Silvia, the strongest skills you’ve always had, what you’ve been paid for over the years, what marketing is all about, and what you’ve mastered over a decade of corporate employment.


Communication. People. Tales. Business. - - - - - BOOM.


These four words became my mantra and building bricks; they showed me the path to follow to become who I am today, an internationally qualified coach and business mentor.


And this is only the beginning…


You can read my full career story over on my Linkedin.


Being a coach is having your trust in my hands while being your guide. It is a deep commitment for me. I’m working under the wings of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and I follow the Code of Ethics. More about the ICF Code of Ethics HERE.

I speak with my clients in English, Czech, and Slovak.

Life and career coaching online Cork
Life and career coaching online Cork
Life and career coaching online Cork

I'm not going to limit myself just because people won't accept the fact that I can do something else.

~ Dolly Parton

Silvia Szépe Life and career coach and mentor online Cork



Professional Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring ICF/EMCC


Corporate Management & Human Resources


Marketing & Advertising


English, Czech, Slovak

What my clients say

"After four coaching sessions with Silvia, I have a clear vision of my career path and know exactly what steps to take to achieve my goals.

Her poignant questions helped me realize my core strengths and values and make sure my decisions are in accordance with who I really am.

Thank you for the great opportunity!"

Marketa Prunarova

"I just had to give a shoutout to Silvia, my incredible business coach.

This woman is a straight-up rockstar.

Before I started working with her, I was all over the place with my business ideas. I was trying to chase ten different things at once, and I was getting absolutely nowhere.

But Silvia helped me to see the light. She pushed me to really dig deep and figure out what I truly wanted out of my business, and she helped me to eliminate all the stuff that wasn't aligned with my personality and dreams.

And let me tell you, it made all the difference..."

Zane Vondracek

I have noticed a significant shift in my life since session #1.

Silvia is very perceptive and pleasant to talk to; she always knew what to say and when to say it. She never talked more than needed leaving space for me to absorb, vent and process and always spoke deeply and comprehensively with great interest. The sessions were engaging, and she always gave me homework, which made me think a lot and greatly impacted my life.

By the third session, I was ready to rock n roll and achieve what I had always wanted but got very lost in the middle...

I hope to keep Silvia for whenever I feel the need for a push or a reminder of who I really am and where I am heading...


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