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When you don't know where to go next professionally.

If you could start your career over again, where would you go?

When you don't know where to go next professionally. Or whether you wanted what you're doing right now or just someone else wanted it. Parents, for example.

How we see the world, how we think about it, how we are willing to change, grow, and work on ourselves, and what image we create for ourselves are how we will live.

Silvia Szépe Career coach and mentor online Ireland Cork

What is right for you?


Maybe you are going through a difficult crisis about who you are or what you want, and nothing makes sense to you. You don’t know your strengths and how to use them at work.


Or you want to return to work after maternity leave but feel your personality has changed. Priorities and values ​​are completely different, and you don’t know how to take them all.

How to begin?


Where to go so that it makes sense to you and respects your family life.

And what if standing on your own feet and starting a new business is right for you?


Do these lines resonate with you?

Then career coaching is exactly what you need.


Don’t make these decisions alone in life. It’s not necessary.

I can help you if you:

  • don’t know what “Your” dream job is

  • need to change your career direction, and you are afraid of whether it will be successful

  • are returning after maternity leave and don’t know where to start

  • decide between starting your own business and employment

  • have no idea what you want to do in life

  • struggle with work-life balance and need strategies to manage stress and burnout

  • need help creating a career development plan to achieve your goals

  • want to discover your true passions and interests to find a fulfilling career

  • are seeking advice on how to navigate a toxic work environment

  • are looking for guidance on how to transition from a different industry or field into a new career

Sounds like what I need

Book your 30-minute FREE discovery call

Don’t settle for what life gives you;

make life better and build something.

Have questions?
Get in touch or look at the FAQ section.

Have more questions in mind? 

Get In Touch with me.

  • How many coaching sessions do I need?
    It depends on your life situation and the problem with which you come to me. Usually, 4-6 sessions are enough for my clients to move forward.
  • Are the first 30 minutes for free?
    Yes, the first session lasts 30 minutes and is free. During this session, we will get to know each other and find out if we can work together on your problem.
  • How does the whole process work?
    1. The whole process starts with you booking a 30-minute interview online. During this interview, we will explore your topic together, what you are coming to me with, and what we can do about it. It is also a perfect opportunity to ask me how everything will be, what style I will coach you in, and what you want to achieve. 2. After we agree that we will work on your topic, I will email you an invoice and billing information. After receiving the payment to the account, your space is reserved, and I will send you a link to the selected platform. 3. Part of my coaching process is 'homework'. They serve you to think better about the topic we will talk about, but also to look into yourself. 4. The frequency of my sessions is at intervals of a maximum of 10 days, ideally 7 days, to keep the topic actual and achieve the result that makes sense. After purchasing a package, all sessions are planned during the first interview, according to your availability. 5. Usually, clients need 4-6 sessions to move forward in life, or gain insight into the situation and set the next steps. 6. Clients often return if a new topic comes up in life that they need help with.
  • Do I need to get ready for the first session?
    No special preparation is necessary, but you need to think about the topic you want to discuss with me.
  • Do you give any discount?
    No. The price is final; however, the session packages have a better price.
  • Does the coaching take place online?
    Does the coaching take place online? Yes, on the Google Meeting, Skype, or Microsoft Meeting platform. I do not coach in Facebook chats or the WhatsApp platform.

What my clients say

"After four coaching sessions with Silvia, I have a clear vision of my career path and know exactly what steps to take to achieve my goals.

Her poignant questions helped me realize my core strengths and values and make sure my decisions are in accordance with who I really am.

Thank you for the great opportunity!"

Marketa Prunarova

"I just had to give a shoutout to Silvia, my incredible business coach.

This woman is a straight-up rockstar.

Before I started working with her, I was all over the place with my business ideas. I was trying to chase ten different things at once, and I was getting absolutely nowhere.

But Silvia helped me to see the light. She pushed me to really dig deep and figure out what I truly wanted out of my business, and she helped me to eliminate all the stuff that wasn't aligned with my personality and dreams.

And let me tell you, it made all the difference..."

Zane Vondracek

I have noticed a significant shift in my life since session #1.

Silvia is very perceptive and pleasant to talk to; she always knew what to say and when to say it. She never talked more than needed leaving space for me to absorb, vent and process and always spoke deeply and comprehensively with great interest. The sessions were engaging, and she always gave me homework, which made me think a lot and greatly impacted my life.

By the third session, I was ready to rock n roll and achieve what I had always wanted but got very lost in the middle...

I hope to keep Silvia for whenever I feel the need for a push or a reminder of who I really am and where I am heading...


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